The Feels

Hi, I am posting today because I need to do a first proper blog before I can do one every week, sorry this is a kind of serious topic for me because this is something I have been struggling with for a year now.

I have Depression. I have a blackness in my soul that won’t go away. Whenever I have tried to tell other people, I have been called an ‘Attention Whore’. ‘A Bitch’. I was making progress and got one day clean but I couldn’t stop myself from cutting the next day. And the next. It’s out of control now.

I also have anxiety issues. Every morning before school, I wonder how I could stay home and not have to face my anxiety. When I do go to school, I am constantly fidgeting as well as trying to look normal and hide my scars.

I am worthless. I am stupid. I am an attention whore. I’m a slut. I’m a goodie two shoes. I’m a bitch. I starve myself.

I don’t know what to do. It’s getting out of control. Thats why I have posted this on my blog. I need help. I don’t know how to get it.

But random strangers who read this blog won’t care about me. No one cares about me. I am just a life form drifting around with no purpose.

What’s Your Say? 

  • How can I get help?
  • Have you ever had depression or anxiety?

Bye, till next week

-Tween Online… Going Offline


One thought on “The Feels

  1. Hey, there are always people that care. The internet is a wonderful place to find groups of similar people, look for similar blogs and advice videos on youtube. I know how you feel and it does get better. I have depression and anxiety and I’m managing. If you haven’t already go seek help from doctors and therapist or counsellors it’s not for everyone but there are methods they can teach you and they are people that care. I care.


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